Atlantic Partners EMS provides a variety of Occupant Restraint SafetyPrograms through a grant with the Bureau of Highway Safety for any organization, public safety agency, or school / college, and for all age groups. These programs consist of classroom training, exhibition display, and / or demonstrations of the Seat
Belt “Convincer”  as weather permits.

Classroom training objectives include the dynamics of why safety restraints are important, their correct use, and familiarization with Maine laws.  The program is tailored for specific school age groups or for the adult learner.

Seat Belt ConvincerThe Convincer allows people to experience the impact of a low speed crash. Buckle up and be ready for a quick stop as your “vehicle” impacts at 5 mph. This “crash course” in physics will convince the audience that safety belts really work.

For further information and to schedule a program, please feel free in contacting Rick Tarr, Occupant Protection Safety Educator, at 207-592-0349, [email protected], [email protected], or contact the Atlantic Partners Corporate Office at 207-877-0936.