Mid-Coast Region News

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Mid-Coast Region news blog produced by the staff at Atlantic Partners EMS in conjunction with the regional medical directors.  The news blog posts can be found on our website in multiple locations.  If the post is new it will be displayed on the homepage for a period of time, if the post is older it will be located on the Maine EMS Regions page on our website.

Within the Mid-Coast Region news blog we will cover topics primarily focused on the Mid-Coast Region, but at times we will include topics that transcend the geographic boundaries of the region and find their way into everyday practice for all providers across the State of Maine.  The goal is to improve the timely transmission of important information.  As well we will occasionally include items with an optional quiz for CEH credits.

The news blog for each region and for Atlantic Partners EMS will comprise the monthly regional newsletters that you can sign up to receive via e-mail through our website signup form.  Should you prefer a paper copy of the newsletter, something that you can post on the bulletin board, our e-mail newsletter is printer friendly.

With the aim, and intent, of this blog to function as a newsletter for the local EMS region we strive to keep the information succinct, direct, and to the point.  We encourage feedback on any topic or newsletter item, but would prefer that it be directed to the author directly via e-mail or to the regional Atlantic Partners EMS office.  There may be times when we elect to have a particular item open for public comments, but this will be on a case-by-case basis rather than a general rule.

Thanks for stopping by.

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