February 10, 2017

Re: Maine EMS Run Reporting System Update

To: Maine EMS Service administrators and Providers

In light of recent feedback our office has received from services and providers, the decision has been made to change the 2017 rollout process of the Elite Run Reporting System. A staggered implementation will begin on March 1st; services which would like to change to the Elite system may begin to do so on that date. On April 1st one third of the remaining services will begin to be rolled over, in alphabetical order, with an additional third going live each month thereafter. All services will be live in Elite on June 1, 2017. Any agency that feels they are ready to proceed to Elite before their scheduled implementation date, may communicate this to Maine EMS and their transition can be moved ahead. Please see the attached list for your agencies planned roll-out date.

Training will be available soon on MEMSEd for service administrators and providers to become more familiar with the system. We will advise agency administrators when the training becomes available.

Any agency wishing to move forward with the March 1, 2017 implementation will need to contact Maine EMS, by e-mail, at [email protected], to indicate that desire. For more information, please pay attention to your email, our website ( and our social media accounts. Due to the large number of recipients of our e-mails, please add our e-mail account to your contact or safe-sender list to ensure that we don’t get caught in your spam filter.

Thank you,

Maine EMS
PDF Announcement & Update to MEFIRS from MEMS

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