Maine Regional & State Happenings

Maine EMS and Board Updates:

  • Rules Changes process: The Maine EMS rules sub-committee has been reviewing the current Maine Ems rules for quite a while and the final draft will be going to the Board in February. Once the draft is approved, it will be sent out for comment and rules hearings will be scheduled. Once the draft rules are public, everyone is encouraged to read the proposal carefully and comment on proposed changes as well as items that may have been left out. Remember, every comment counts; one person commenting on an issue doesn’t carry as much weight as many comments on the same issue.
  • System Survey: The Board has created four subgroups to review areas of the report, (System design, Finance, Quality Improvement & Medical Direction) These groups will be meeting following each Board Meeting every other month. At the last Board meeting, they approved letting the groups meet on a more frequent basis to speed up the process.
  • The Elite Roll out (MEFIRS version 3.03) is out and available for all services for testing. The new edition goes live January 1, and the older version will be shut off.
  • Access to run reports: Currently, the regional office staff access to MEFIRS has been shut off because the according to the AG’s office feels the law currently does not allow access for QI Purposes. However, services can add Regional Staff as QI or Admin to allow access for QI Purposes or to assist with problems as they arise. We are also working with Maine EMS to get hospital access restored as appropriate.
  • MDPB New protocol education is underway both on MEMSEd and in-person training. New Protocols go live January 8, 2018. Pharmacists and local hospital Medical Directors have been notified of the changes.

Regional Updates:

  • Legislative Update:
    1. Act to Prevent Violence on Public Safety. Did not make it out of committee
    2. PTSD Bill for Public Safety came out of committee as OTP
    3. Medicaid Bill came out of committee as OTP with its amendment to increase 1% every year until reaches the 70% reimbursement rate
    4. License plate Bill Passed. Carried over to the next legislative session.
    5. CP to leave pilot status and become permanent: Passed
    6. Bill to change Rural EMS Training. Vetoed by Governor, not enough votes to override. Rick working with Don Sheets to develop a proposal for the Maine EMS Board
    7. Act to make Criminal the act of Falsifying a Medical Record PASSED. Rick encourages Chiefs to pay attention to this as it includes EMS providers.
  • Medication Shortages We are working with hospitals to stay on top of medication shortages and let everyone know as soon as we know. However, please remind your personnel that they need to check carefully as medications may be in a different package or be a different concentration.
  • Infection Control Training- DICO training rescheduled for April 6 (Advanced DICO); April 7 & 8 (Basic DICO). Both will be held at MGMC, Augusta. Watch for flyers. Programs are underwritten by a grant from Maine EMS
  • Public Information & Education – New program STOP THE BLEED which is a one-hour program, great for public and civic groups. If you are interested, we can set up an instructor program for you in your area. A similar program through MEMA is YOU ARE HELP UNTIL HELP ARRIVES which incorporates Stop the Bleed plus more relevant information. Outreach kits are available through MEMA.

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