Maine EMS Board Summary

The Maine EMS Board meets on the first Wednesday of every other month (February, April, June, etc) beginning at 9:30 am in the DeChamplain Conference Room at the Maine EMS office in Augusta. These meetings are open to the public and EMS providers are welcome to attend. The list of Board members, as well as access to past minutes, can be found at this link:

In the week between Christmas and New Years, the Board received the report from the system review committee. The report has not yet been released to anyone outside of the Board in anticipation of a review and discussion at the February meeting, at which point it is anticipated that it will be released publicly.

The Maine EMS rules subcommittee is drawing to an end of its’ comprehensive and exhaustive review of the existing Maine EMS rules. We anticipate that there will be a preliminary document of proposed changes released early in 2017 for review by the Maine EMS community. As soon as that happens, it will be posted on the Maine EMS as well as the APEMS websites.

As many of you have heard, both Drexell White and Jon Powers have left Maine EMS over the last couple of months. The Governor eliminated Drexell’s position after he left, and Maine EMS is waiting for authorization to hire a replacement for Jon. As you can imagine, this has left Maine EMS extremely short-handed, so we are asking for patience as Maine EMS prioritizes its’ task list. In the meantime, if we can be of assistance, please feel free to contact us. Another casualty of this staffing shortage is that the MEMSEd site is down for maintenance with an unknown restart time. If you need help getting CEU’s, please feel free to contact our office. Both the Maine EMS and APEMS websites have listings of ongoing CEU training in the state and can be found at this link: Log in, and then click on the training link on the left. This will take you to a listing of all CEH programs being offered in the State.

Also, Maine EMS has implemented an electronic CEU request process which also gives the coordinators the ability to upload their outlines and evaluations, as well as directly enter the participants. Shortly, this electronic process will become mandatory, so program coordinators should try to come online as soon as possible. To access this form, follow this link: Once there, log in, then click on the training icon on the left, then “requests”. This will take you to a form with a blue “apply for course approval” button on the right. Click on this button, and it will take you the application form. If you need help completing the form, uploading documents, or entering students, feel free to contact our office.