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The Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) Course is designed to prepare the trainee for work as an AEMT and build upon the EMT foundational knowledge. The program covers anatomy and physiology of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, airway assessment and management, recognition and management of shock, and cardiac disorders. The course is open to currently licensed Basic EMT’s who have successfully passed the Basic EMT course and who are selected by a screening committee of the EMS Regional Council. Clinical experience will include time to observe and assist in the Emergency Department, Intensive Care and Cardiac Care Units, Operating Room, and Respiratory Therapy. The focus for these experiences is endotracheal intubations, IV insertions, and cardiac monitoring. This is a state-approved training program following state and national guidelines and curriculum. Upon successful completion of all parts of the course, the student is eligible for the NREMT written and practical licensing examination for Advanced EMT.

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Resource Documents for Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Training:

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