Critical Incident Stress Management

The APEMS CISM Team consists of volunteers who are formally trained using the Jeffrey Mitchell CISM training. These peer emergency personnel include EMS, fire, dispatch, law enforcement, and local mental health professionals.

Activating the CISM Team

APEMS recommends that the Service Chief or a department officer make the official contact with APEMS CISM.

Southern Maine RAC(207) 662-2950
Kennebec Valley RAC(207) 877-0936 M-F, 8-4
(207) 861-4244 (Nights/Weekends)
Northeast RAC(207) 907-1000
Midcoast RAC(207) 877-0936 M-F, 8-4
(207) 861-4244 (Nights/Weekends)

Please be prepared to provide the following when you call:

  • Name of contact person
  • Description of incident
  • Agencies involved
  • Number of persons attending
  • Return telephone numbers

All providers involved in the incident should be encouraged to attend the debriefing.

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