Bar Harbor Fire Department Seeks Part-Time Staff

Bar Harbor Fire Deptartment is accepting applications for part time daytime staffing


The fire fighter is responsible for firefighting entailing the combating, extinguishing and preventing of fires, and the saving of life and property. A fire fighter is responsible for rapidly and efficiently performing various duties under emergency conditions frequently involving considerable hazard. The fire fighters work includes routine duties in the maintenance of firefighting equipment and fire department property. The fire fighter is responsible for carrying out the specific orders and directions as received from a superior officer in the normal course of maintenance duties and in firefighting. Considerable independence of judgment and action is allowed in circumstances of extreme urgency where referral to a supervisor for instruction is not possible.

The fire fighter/EMT /paramedic is a dual-role member of the department having advanced emergency medical care responsibilities in addition to fire fighter duties. Depending on the nature of the emergency these personnel provide basic and advanced life support, perform extrication and rescue, or act as fire fighters in fire suppression or hazard control activities. This position is technical and skilled in nature, and requires the ability to interact with patients, independently assess and treat medical emergencies, follow established advanced treatment protocols, supervise patient care, and document findings and events for the patient’s medical record. Work is often carried out under stressful conditions in the presence of contagious disease, environmental, chemical, or physical violence hazards


  • Firefighter I (NFPA 1001)
  • EMT-Basic
  • EVOC
  • EMT-P must have: ACLS, PALS, PIFT
  • Part time staffing is scheduled May – October, 7 days a week, 7am – 7pm. Part time personnel can work a maximum of 3 shifts per week.

    Send application & resume to:

    Chief Matthew Bartlett
    37 Firefly Lane
    Bar Harbor, ME 04609

    Application available at

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